Co-Use of the IPM App

The IPM Citizen Science App Toolkit is designed to allow co-use and cross-project collaborations. If you are interested in using the App in your country for invasive species monitoring, an onboarding and cost-sharing procedure is in place that allows the effective and sustainable usage of the digital toolkit in your area. Within the project, it is possible to set up country-based Data Administration access and provide data export and data connectors to work independently with the App and co-use the project. The App toolkit is also able to integrate experts like entomologists for species ID confirmation and is capable of sending automated reports to national plant health authorities for confirmed species sightings.

Furthermore, a range of interaction, communication and community-building tools are already integrated into the CS App Toolkit for working with the local population, disseminating news and updates, and building and maintaining an active digital-social community. 

IPM Project Internationalization Toolkit Structure Chart

To co-use the App as a national sub-partner, please get in contact with our project's Citizen Science team, and we will proceed from there with an informal introduction meeting.

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