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PESSL Instruments GmbH, located in Weiz, Austria, has been producing reliable measuring instruments for 37 years. It is specialized in the development of innovative products in the field of agricultural monitoring and precision farming. PESSL has developed various devices for the measurement and monitoring of different agricultural parameters.
More than 40,000 stations in 86 countries from all over the world have been supplied with PESSL ́s products by more than 150 distribution partners. Together, PESSL and its daughter companies have 88 employees, developing and manufacturing high-quality products, and organizing worldwide marketing and sales.

The instruments of PESSL are available under their own brand name, METOS®. The instruments are used in a variety of fields, from agriculture to logistics, from research to large companies. Based on the PESSL chain interface, the connection of various sensors is possible. The products collect data, report them to the web platform and mobile application FieldClimate (, and make them available for optimized environmental management including demand-driven irrigation, plant protection, crop- and insect monitoring.

Given PESSL’s extensive experience in research, technology development, prototype manufacturing, and testing, as well as a technical and economic assessment of innovative technologies, the company offers the right skills, knowledge, and infrastructure to support the IPM-Popillia project.

PESSL is one of the leading IoT providers for agriculture offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for more efficient farm management. Participating in the IPM-Popillia project gives PESSL a chance to put into the farmer’s disposal all its expertise on sustainable agriculture and fulfill its mission to offer high added value and customized cost-effective solutions and contribute to global environmental protection.


Main Products:

• iMETOS®: Weather Station: The weather stations can be equipped with data loggers and sensors, e.g. for soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, wind direction, and speed measurements. All data collected is transmitted to the FC platform and is accessible to the farmer with a login and password.

• iMETOS® iScout and CropVIEW: The camera products take a defined number of pictures per day. The photos are transmitted to the FC platform and are accessible to the farmer with a login and password. Camera products can now be equipped with data loggers and sensors.

Main Service: a platform for climate data. This platform is used to access agricultural data such as soil moisture, pest insects, and nutrient availability data, directly measured and provided by the sensor devices.

PESSL owns the following technical facilities:

• Electronics production and development laboratory

• Microfluidics and Soil probing laboratory

• Software engineering facilities

• Testing server infrastructure

• Server infrastructure to run web services

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 Dr. Christina Pilz

Dr. Christina Pilz


Role in the project: Task leader 1.1, involved in WP1, 4 & 5

Area of research: Product Manager for Camera products and Disease models
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Junia Rojic

Junia Rojic

Project Support Officer

Role in the project: Involved in WP4 & 5

Area of research: NA
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Dr. Christina Pilz (female) has been working for Pessl Instruments since November 2014. She is mainly responsible for the Decision Support Systems in Plant Protection (Disease models and Camera Products). Her professional expertise particularly lies in microbiological control on agricultural pest insects. She has been studying agriculture at the University of Agriculture and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna. Further on she concentrated for about 10 years on the biology and on control strategies of pest insects at the Research Station Agroscope in Zürich and the Plant Protection Service in Hungary as well as on the Agency for Health and Food Security, Austria. Five years ago she started at PESSL to support the disease model calculations and for two years her focus is on electronically monitoring devices of pest insects in viticulture, agriculture, and fruit production. Further on she is experienced in targeting and labeling pest insect species for the training of artificial networks for automatic detection of those pests in fields.

MSc. Junia Rojic (female) is the PSO (Project Support Officer). She holds an M.Sc. in Materials Science and a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering from the Federal University of São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil. At PESSL, she is responsible for all the administrative tasks related to projects, including among other proposals, reports, deliverables, time schedules, and budget control. She has 12 years of experience in Project Management, including many years in Brazil, working at R&D and IT companies.


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