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Integrated pest management of japanese beetle
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Understanding the beetle's reproduction
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Popillia Japonica

A danger to food safety

A group of Adult Japanese beetles feeding on a peach tree in Noblesville, Indiana. CC:BY 4.0 Zech Smith | Wikipedia

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  • About the IPM-Popillia project

    The aim of IPM-Popillia is to address the challenge of a new risk to plant health in Europe, the invasion of the Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica. This pest was introduced accidentally to mainland Europe in 2014 (EPPO 2014) and can easily spread in the course of trade and the movement of goods and people. P. japonica threatens the entire agricultural sector, urban landscapes, and biodiversity in invaded areas.

    Prevention of the species’ invasion faces two constraints: The possibilities to restrict the movement of goods and people are limited, and successful eradication of the population established south of the Italian-Suisse border is impossible.

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