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17 May 2022
The Japanese beetle was accidentally introduced to mainland Europe and detected for the first-time near Milan (Italy) in 2014. As a quarantine insect pest, its populations are strictly monitored. However, we did not find a map illustrating the dynami...
15 March 2022
Pest management
Project reports
We need more larvae, a lot more larvae! That's our mission, our first in this year. This time we were headed to a field in Vercelli, Piedmont. While driving, the bus would shake and make weird noises when applying the brakes which is why we stopped a...
08 December 2021
Project reports
To continue with experiments in the lab, we needed more Japanese beetle larvae, a lot more. So we decided to go on a field trip on the 7th of December 2021.   It was the first train of the day which took me to Agroscope where we headed off to Mo...

The IPM Popilla Logo

The IPM-Popillia brandmark shows an illustration of the Popillia japonica with its typical iridescent copper-coloured elytra and the green thorax and head. The beetle is placed on a yellow circle underground, which symbolises a warning colour, according to the destructive nature of the Popillia japonica. The brandmark can be used in combination with the logotype to additionally brand intern publications, or as a social media avatar for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Account-Icons. It does not replace the logo itself.

Components of the IPM Popilla Logo

The IPM-Popillia logo is a visible symbol. It plays a vital role in promoting Integrated Pest Management by providing a strong and recognizable graphic image that creates a great sense of awareness and connection among all involved project partners. The words beneath the IPM-Popillia brandmark are called the IPM-Popillia wordmark and have been carefully considered to form the IPM-Popillia logo. A simple, clean, humanist sans-serif font. This font helps to enhance the IPM-Popillia brandmark rather than compete for its attention. The subline "Integrated Pest Management of Japanese Beetle" is keyed in smaller point size and weight than "IPM Popillia".

For the start of the project, we have overhauled the pre-version a little bit and finetuned its appearance. 

Work in Progress

The visual development of the IPM Logo was an elaborated process, started by building an illustration of a Popillia japonica beetle and its distinct markings. We exported and provided the logo in different variants - from colour versions to grayscale, from the web to print.

Team Agroscope

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