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08 December 2021
Project reports
To continue with experiments in the lab, we needed more Japanese beetle larvae, a lot more. So we decided to go on a field trip on the 7th of December 2021.   It was the first train of the day which took me to Agroscope where we headed off to Mo...
23 November 2021
Pest management
Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) are naturally occurring in the environment and make their living by infecting, killing and propagating in insects. They can be used as biological control agents against Popillia japonica larvae. The mass production is...
12 November 2021
On the 28th and 29th of October 2021 members of the IPM Popillia consortium came together at the TUM campus in Freising, Germany, for the yearly General Assembly of the IPM Popillia project. The event provided the possibility ...
Fionna's Japanese beetle

How to "breed" your own Japanese beetle

If you live in an unifested zone, but you still like to have a Japanese beetle, here is how you can create your very own Japanese beetle. What your Japanese beetle is made of, is absolutely up to you and your taste. Everything you need, you can find in your trusted supermarket. 

In the very early stages of an adult Japanese beetle, it has no wings or legs yet.  It also lacks the shimmery colour, but with time, it will grow.

At this stage it is very susceptible to (infantile humanoid) predator. So, always be cautious.

At the second stage the wings grow and the colour develops. This stage is very fragile.

As you can see, my beetle got an injury in its left wing while developing. 

At the third and last stage legs, eyes  and antenna will grow. Also, the undistinguishable white dots that make a Japanase beetle so unique emerge. 

Again, really be careful of predators. They will harm your Japanese beetle.

Unfortunately, my home-grown Japanese beetle had a too severe wing unjury and could not fly. We had to take it out of its misery so it would not suffer any longer.  

If you ever try to breed your own beetle, let us know about the result.

General Assembly in Freising 2021

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