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Philipp is the founder of the SPOTTERON Citizen...

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08 December 2021
Project reports
To continue with experiments in the lab, we needed more Japanese beetle larvae, a lot more. So we decided to go on a field trip on the 7th of December 2021.   It was the first train of the day which took me to Agroscope where we headed off to Mo...
23 November 2021
Pest management
Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) are naturally occurring in the environment and make their living by infecting, killing and propagating in insects. They can be used as biological control agents against Popillia japonica larvae. The mass production is...
12 November 2021
On the 28th and 29th of October 2021 members of the IPM Popillia consortium came together at the TUM campus in Freising, Germany, for the yearly General Assembly of the IPM Popillia project. The event provided the possibility ...
Preview Mockup of a IPM Popillia Citizen Science App Preview Mockup of a IPM Popillia Citizen Science App

Planning for the IPM Popillia Citizen Science App

With the new year approaching, we at SPOTTERON have started planning and creating concepts for the IPM Popillia Citizen Science App for public participation. In this early stage, options are present for either having a focussed App for discovering the Popillia japonica beetle in already infested regions or to think on a broader scale for having a Citizen Science App with a wider range of participatory options. 

The App's scope matters 

The main question we have identified at this stage is if the project wants to aim for broader participation or if the App should be a toolkit for existing situations. The first - if done right - offers great potential for being a layer of early warnings besides monitoring existing infestations. The challenge is how to reach out to the public and reach a creitical mass of users in the App. This question will follow us in the next months to identify potentials and to define the scope.

 An ICT infrastucture for international digital Citizen Science

To be ready and prepared for the development stage of the IPM Popillia App, we have built up a new ICT infrastructure, allowing smooth participation, performance and applied data ethics. With the underlying technology, we will be able to scale resources as needed by the App's participation levels and build on a reliable system. Furthermore, this has been a good opportunity to start the development of modern App technologies, which reflect up to date approaches for data collection, performance and visual quality. As a basis, the SPOTTERON ICT upgrade within the project provides a reliable foundation for what will become a core component for public engagement and inclusion not only for IPM Popillia but also through project synergies for strengthening other Citizen Science projects on the platform.

A day in the field
Growth in a giant steel grub: Mass production of i...

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